Tantalum Live Multitrack

Developed for Windows and MacOs, Tantalum Live Multitrack was created to manage of live sequences.

LM is not a DAW, it's multi-track audio player specifically made for live use. It can create set-lists, each containing an unlimited number of songs that are loaded and ready in a heartbeat. It also has a built-in mixer with assignable multi-output support, Parametric EQ and Dynamics on each track, a metronome with large display, a timeline with markers, and, most importantly, it's very easy to use and fast to load on both Windows and Mac computers.

Live Multitrack can also be used to help you study your instrument. Once you have created your multitrack project, you can mute the solo track and play along with the backing track.

Advanced buffering

Software include an advanced memory buffering technology to prevent audio glich and pop during playing.

Multiple Setlist

You can create multiple Setlist for any kind of live performance. Each setlist contains multiple songs.

20 tracks / multi outs

Each song can load 20 audio tracks, mono or stereo. The number of outputs depends by your audio card.

Windows / MacOs

Price € 77
License valid for Win and MacOs version

    Windows® 7 64-bit

    MacOs® 10.7 64-bit


    Windows® 10 64-bit

    MacOs® 10.13 64-bit or higher


1.5.0 Release

  • Added multiple samplerate support
  • Dialogs windows improved
  • Missing files system enhanced
  • VST (Timeverb-x) init optimization
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Other fix

1.2.0 Release

Completely new visual equalizer GSi Equity custom version

Visual equalizer each track available to set your eq mix more quickly.

New convolution reverb with 16 selected inpulse response.

You can inports your custom inpulse response dragging your wav file on it

Track options

Now you have a submenu for each track to select your routing, a track color and copy parameters from a track to another.

Fusion Recorder (free)

Free software

Fusion Recorder is free.

If you are looking for a software to record your source quickly you are in the right place.

It's ideal to use with digital mixer. FR allows you to use all your digital mixer (if your mixer has been recognized as audio card) or audio card channels.

Select correct drivers and you are ready.

For better performance it is a good idea to set the latency a little bit higher. Low latency is not required in recording sessions.

Using direct monitoring input signals you can understand if your source is right or is clipping, before start a recording session.

Select input track(s) that you want to record (or check all), setup your destination folder and press rec.

You can check your free space based on output folder selected, an estimation of recoding time available (based on number of tracks selected), and a timer.